August 5, 2013

My Study Abroad Adventures: Rome, Italy

Halfway through Florence, a few of us took an overnight trip to Rome. I was so excited to do this, because there are so many things to see in Rome. We conquered Rome in a day, which was a very difficult task, but we managed. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots.

On the Spanish Steps!

 Spanish Steps!

 The Trevi Fountain! It's massive and beautiful!

 1..2..3..Make a wish!

Best Friends!<3

 The Ruins!

 The Colosseum!


Inside the Colosseum!

 Vatican City!<3

My illegal picture from the Sistine Chapel! Shhh.. don't tell anyone!

Inside St. Peters Basilica!

Rome was amazing to see once, but I think that once you have seen it once you don’t need to go back again unless you absolutely love it. The Vatican was so incredible to see.

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