March 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend started off with a little trip to New Jersey to see Demi Lovato in concert. We are fans of her new album and were excited to see a fun girly show. Shelby was particularly excited for her opening act- Little Mix. The whole concert was great apart from the weird magic guy from America's Got talent that came on stage to do tricks between bands. 

On the bus to New Jersey excited to see the show!
Ready for Demi!
Such a good live performer 

We loved the show!!

On Saturday morning Shelby had brunch plans with friends. It was the first warmish day of the year so we took advantage and I met her in Soho for a little afternoon shopping. It's been so long since we've actually enjoyed being outside for an extended period of time!

First stop was Alex and Ani so Shelby could pick up a couple of the bracelets she's been wanting. If you haven't heard of this jewelry line you should check it out. They have super cute stuff and they are kind of like an updated version of the charm bracelet. 
We were walking around Soho and saw someone with a Laduree bag. We had forgotten that they recently opened a location in Soho. So, we made a little detour to pick up some macarons. 
I had actually never been to a Laduree before. I never made it there in Paris and I haven't actually been to the Upper East Side location in NYC although I've had macarons Shelby has brought home from there before. 
Such pretty colors and yummy flavor options!
Breaking my no sugar for lent rule for this macaron. Oops. 
This green apple one was my favorite by far. SO GOOD! 

After our macaron break we continued with our shopping spree. After awhile we were tired of walking and hungry again so we stopped into a cute little pub for brunch (Shelby's second brunch of the day). 

Brinkley's on Broome Street was a great restaurant to stumble upon. They had a great brunch selection. I recommend the veggie burger if you ever stop by. 
These blood orange margarita's were pretty yummy too :)

Until Next Time

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