March 12, 2014

Photo A Day | Week 10

This week included haircuts, colds, concerts, shopping, yummy food, and the most uncomfortable 3 hours of TV we have ever watched. 

Day 64: One of us got a hair cut. The other one has a cold.
Day 65: Apparently getting a hair cut is so exhausting that you have to stay in bed until 6PM
Day 66: Off to New Jersey to see Demi Lovato
Day 67: An afternoon spent in Soho shopping and eating macarons from Laduree
Day 68: A relaxing Sunday after a busy week that included a trip to the pet store for Pixie food. Ashley was feeling generous so she also got some new treats. 
Day 69: While we watched the conclusion to the worst Bachelor season in history we enjoyed these yummy polenta stacks Ashley created with italian sausage, pesto, and tomatoes. 
Day 70: It was 64 degrees outside! And that calls for an afternoon iced coffee which was picked up after a second trip to the pharmacy within a week for more kleenex and cold medicine. 

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby

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