January 15, 2014

Photo A Day I Week 2

Week two of the new year started off VERY cold. Ashley spent the week back in NY but Shelby jetted off to Puerto Rico for some fun in the sun with friends before classes start back up.
Day 8: We are happy to be back in NY but it is FREEZING! When we landed yesterday it was 3 degrees. Silly polar vortex. Pixie has not come out from under her blanket.

 Day 9: Haven't gone grocery shopping yet so getting creative with what we have on hand. This is Ashley's take on the ramen burger...the rice cake burger! ha ha

 Day 10: Cozy Friday night. A little wine, yummy smelling candle, and Pinterest.

 Day 11: Shelby is off to Puerto Rico for a week to visit friends. 

Day 12: Shelby went zip lining through the rain forest

 Day 13: Pixie doing some yoga with Ashley. 

Day 14: On the beach in Puerto Rico

Until Next Time
Ashley & Shelby

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