October 17, 2012


While out shopping on Saturday Shelby and I discovered a new to us store, Uniqlo. We had each seen this store before we had just never been in. So, we decided to give it a try. I had no idea what we were in for. According to the company description on their website Uniqlo is a Japanese company that ensures it provides casual clothes for all kinds of people. In a nutshell the store is a color coded array of basics in every style you could ever want. There are only 5 stores in the US so unless you live in NY, NJ, or San Fransisco you may not have ever heard of this color coded mecca. They are a lot more prevalent throughout Europe and Asia so if you live outside the states you're probably wondering why I'm making such a big deal about this store :)

First of all the store was HUGE (or at least the one on 5th Ave in NYC). It was really overwhelming to walk into not having a grasp on the brand beforehand. Shelby and I noticed there were two extremes- product was either really cute or really really NOT cute (like leggings made out of the material typically reserved for fuzzy fleece socks).

They are known for their down ultra light jackets. Usually down jackets are puffy and awkward but these are compact, thin, and stylish as well as portable. Each jacket can easily fold into a pocket size bundle and even comes with it's own pouch. This would be a perfect jacket for travel. 

Shelby and I both love wearing leggings in the fall and winter. Not only are they comfortable but they are so easy to tuck into boots. Uniqlo has combined the best aspects of skinny jeans and leggings into what they are calling "easy leggings pants". These pants are just as stretchy and have the fit of leggings but the fabric is the thickness of denim. They are our new obsession!

For those of you in the United States- good news! Uniqlo is launching e-commerce on their website sometime this fall. 

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  1. I live in NJ so I am lucky enough to have been to a Uniqlo. I love how colorful the store is and it's a great place to find basics like leggings and t-shirts.
    Penniless Socialite